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Preventing the spread of Covid-19 in Heiwa Medic Vietnam Co.

Right from the first outbreak of Covid-19 in Vietnam, Heiwa Medic Vietnam Co., Ltd. has been quickly implemented measures to prevent the disease in the company.

1. Actively propagate to raise awareness about disease prevention among workers. Not only holding a short meeting each morning, we also posted information at bulletin board such as hand washing steps images, signs of distinguishing the common flu and Covid, instructions for social distancing, etc.

2. Provide medical masks for employees, prepare hand wash soap at many areas in the factory. In addition to virus prevention at workplace, the Trade Union of the company also provide free portable hand sanitizer gel for all members to use outside the company and and Vitamin C to boost immunity against Corona.

3. Maintain the regulation of wearing mask during the working time. This regulation has been with us since the establishment 13 years ago and we all wear mask all the time as a habit.

4. Check everyone’s temperature at the entrance of the company with an infrared meter. If the employee has a temperature above 37.5 degrees C, he or she should stay at home for monitoring and return to work when recovered.

5. Divide lunch time into 2 shifts to reduce crowding. The table was rearranged in a way that there are only 2 people per table and not sitting opposite each other, limiting talk during lunch time.

6. Enhance general hygiene in the company; regularly wipe alcohol on switches, door knobs.

After 99 consecutive days of no new cases of infection in the community, on 25/7/2020 Vietnam confirmed an additional positive case for NcoV in Danang. To date, Vietnam recorded a total of 420 cases of Covid-19, of which 55 patients were being treated and 365 had recovered.

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