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Lô H2-1-2 KCN Đại Đồng - Hoàn Sơn, Xã Tri Phương, Huyện Tiên Du, Tỉnh Bắc Ninh

KCN Đại Đồng Hoàn Sơn

Bắc Ninh, Việt Nam

Liên hệ


By the end of May 2021, Bac Ninh became new hotspot with nearly 800  Covid-19 cases recorded in Vietnam’s latest coronavirus wave since late April, second only to neighboring Bac Giang, most of which related to industrial zones. With the aim of fulfilling the Government’s dual goals of containing the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and promoting economic growth, People’s Committee of Bac Ninh Province requires factories to operate under the model of production and accommodation combination starting from 0:00 on June 2.

Without hesitation, within 1 day of receiving the province’s official dispatch No.56/TB-UBND, Heiwa Company made a detailed plan on arranging accommodation for workers to stay in the company safely and effectively. 5 days later, activities to renovate facilities, purchase and install equipment for workers’ daily life were urgently carried out.

During this time, the personnel was divided into 3 groups of workers who took turns staying on-site for 15 days period, workers committed not to go out of the company area. Workers/drivers must have a negative test result within 72 hours before entering the factory. The on-site workers when returning to their residence will be monitoring and tracking similarly to F2. All staffs who were not engaged in production but stay at home are not allowed to leave the residence. Up to now the factory organizes periodic testing of 10% of workers in the factory every week. Luckily, all the results were negative. In addition, we immunized employees with Covid-19 vaccine, and also contributed to the Vietnam Covid-19 Vaccine Fund. Although the workers had to temporarily be away from their families, the company has a very good additional remuneration by paying 150% of basic salary plus 3 free meals a day, so everyone can work and devote with positive energy.

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In terms of productivity, although we only operated with 1/3 of our human resources directly working at the factory at a time, the company kept flexibly adjusting the production plan to meet both domestic and export orders.

On June 16, the company welcomed the interdisciplinary inspection team including representatives of the special task force of the Ministry of Health, representatives of the Management Board of Bac Ninh Industrial Parks, Department of Health, Department of Construction, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, People’s Committee of Tien Du district, representative of Police Department of Fire Prevention and Fighting came to instruct and check the implementation of epidemic prevention and control. We are so proud that Heiwa Medic Vietnam belongs to the group of enterprises with the best epidemic prevention activities, only 5.66% which rated as “≤15% – Very low risk of infection”. Despite such good results, all employees still keep high awareness and continued to encourage each other to strive, constantly creating, improving and maintaining the obtained results. The time of living and working together at the company is valuable memories that help people understand each other and support each other more.

On June 30, when the situation was better, Bac Ninh People’s Committee issued official dispatch No. 64/TN-UBND allowing the resumption of traffic between the province and other localities. Since then, the company has restored 100% of capacity with 3 shifts/ day. With the consensus of the whole team, we will continue to maintain the dual goal of “both production and fight against the epidemic”, overcome difficulties together in the coming time.

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