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Heiwa Medic Vietnam Co. to hold drawing contest for children

During the last three months of year 2019, Heiwa Medic Vietnam Co. has cooperated with Trade Union to hold 3 drawing contests for children of company’s employee.

With the topics: Children with traffic safety, Fire protection and Children joining hands to protect the environment, the competition has received the enthusiastic participation of many children from 4 to 15 years old. The contest is an opportunity for kids to express their ideas on issues that seem like only adults can solve. Through learning about information related to the topic of the contests, the young children are also equipped with knowledge on traffic safety, how to handle / exit fire and how children can involve in the protection of environment.

The contest is in the company’s policy of raising the public awareness about the next generation’s safety and environmental sustainability in a way that children can play and learn at the same time.

Criteria for grading are based on the innovative ideas, layout and coloring. In addition to the First, Second, and Third prizes, all entries received the Consolation Prize. Although the award value is not big, is a joy and encouragement for young competitors. The paintings are currently on display in the bulletin board of Heiwa Medic Vietnam Co., Ltd.

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