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Heiwa Hygiene Hanoi 10 year anniversary

10 year anniversary of Heiwa Hygiene Hanoi Co.Ltd,
February 14th 2017 is a milestone to mark 10 years in Vietnam of Heiwa Group Japan. As the 2nd branch in Asia of the Group, Heiwa Hygiene Hanoi factory has been exported billions of high quality products according to Japan standards during a decade.
Heiwa Hanoi is also proud of being one of the leading paper stick cotton swabs manufacturer in Vietnam. 5 years ago, the image of cotton swabs in Vietnam is just plastic stick and regular shape white cotton buds. Then we launched LIFE cotton swabs in local market in 2012, Vietnam users experienced Japan quality paper stick cotton swabs in various buds designs with reasonable price. Along with LIFE, other brands named UD, Cotton Land, Cotton Zoo…and other OEM products soon became popular , forming premium segment of the cotton swabs market.
In this occasion, Heiwa Hygiene Hanoi Co. celebrate 10 years anniversary in Lotte Hanoi Banquet Hall. From Japan, Mr. Nobuhiko Kurokawa – our corporate chairman and Mr. Masahiro Kurokawa – our CEO came to share the joy with all the staffs, including those who joined the company since the very beginning. The ceremony was also a chance for Management Board to praise and reward outstanding individuals in year 2016. We did enjoy the banquet in a warm and happy atmosphere with delicious dishes and songs performed by talented staffs, as well as lucky draw valuable prize.
Lễ kỷ niệm 10 năm
The celebration wrapped in just one day but it energized us a lot. We are so glad to be a part of the company and will try our best in the upcoming chances and challenging future.

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